AKA… The Machine

AKA… The Machine

Verse 1

She said she said, I’m a man
Nothing will stand in my way
Don’t make amends with myself
Got no regrets, no restraint


A machine yells in my brain (x2)

Verse 2

Some people state they’re afraid
Say there’s a mess in my head
Wish I was dead for a day
A machine yells in my brain

Chorus 1

Release me, I feel trapped deep inside
Follow me, please let me be your guide
And I will be the light that’ll lead the man

Verse 3

Stand on a crest of a wave
Slowly my veil fades away
Was born to wreck, liquidate
A machine yells in my brain

Chorus 2

Release me, I need to ease your mind
Finally from a love you can’t rewind
You will be the man that’ll bring the light

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