Don’t Tell Me More

Don’t Tell Me More

Verse 1

I can’t breathe
In this deep and dark hole
Oh I’m crawling
Trembling on the floor
A distant light
On the way back
A distant light is there
Fills the air

Verse 2

Teenage years
Your burger like your love
Suck and breathe
It’s the independence Show
But I will hide
Your shame inside
Oh I’ll keep your secret
Until the end


Just tell me that you need
Something that can’t be real
And look through the doors
‘Cause now it seems to be
The end of History
Slaves will be gods
There’s nothing else for me
But love you endlessly
Don’t tell me more
Don’t tell me more

Verse 3

There’s a gleam
Watching the darkest dawn
On the screen
It’s coming back and forth
But in your shrine
Angels can’t die
And prisoners of Death
Can’t escape

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