Made Of Gold

Made Of Gold

Verse 1

The world’s spinning round
Some colours up to walls of sound
Are those lights evergreen
Satellites that burn or sting ?
I face the rising sun (x2)

Verse 2

Waltzed you and I
Foolish words said through the night
But your mind is lazy
Gotta climb aboard my ship
We’ll face the rising sun (x2)


Head in the clouds
Stars are breaking on the tide
Let it go, let it go
Stuck in the crowd
Love to watch our hearts ignite
Made of gold, made of gold

Verse 3

The world’s sitting down
They don’t know times can get tough
’cause now the trouble is
You’re not what you’d like to be
You face the rising sun (x2)


Don’t face the rising sun (x2)

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